Best foods recommended by Dr Priyanka for Glowing skin

What healthy skin foods will help you reverse the signs of ageing and make your skin look glowing?

Healthy skin is an inside-out job in many ways, which is why it is important what we place on the surface, but more importantly how we feed the skin from the inside really paves the way for long-lasting radiant, youthful skin. Your diet may have a lasting effect on your dermis. So check out the top foods for good skin!


The dark leafy greens comprise vitamins that are skin-loving with nutrients such as Vitamin A (retinol), Vitamin C (ascorbate) and antioxidants such as Vitamin E and beta-carotene. It’s easy to see why leafy greens such as kale, spinach, chard, and arugula are healthy for a radiant skin. Dark leafy greens are water-rich foods as well so they allow the body to hydrate. It’s suggested to have greens in most meals.


For luscious, hydrated skin, healthy fats derived from omega-3 fatty acids are a must. Such healthy fats are anti-inflammatory and help to hydrate the skin internally and are present in fatty fish such as salmon, coconut oil and avocado. Omega-3 saturated foods make these good fats beneficial for skin conditions from acne to rosacea to eczema to psoriasis, ideal for relief from inflamed, dry, irritated or itchy skin. Since omega-3 fatty acids like ALA, DHA and EPA are also important for hormone control, they can help minimize hormonal acne and make good nutrition for healthy skin with omega-3s. Nuts and seeds also help in providing healthy fats to the body.


Inflammation is a significant contributor to acne-like skin issues. Inflammation and redness may be minimized by selecting antioxidant-rich foods that shield the skin from inflammation, particularly foods with calming anti-inflammatory properties. Some of our favourite ingredients such as ginger, fermented turmeric, blueberries, cherries, kelp, sweet potato, rosemary, basil, and super-food green vegetables such as broccoli have anti-inflammatory benefits.


While it is important to hydrate regularly, it is equally important to consume hydrating foods. Dehydrated skin or a loss of moisture in the skin can make it dry, tight, flaky, inflamed and painful. Also oily skin may be dehydrated; if the skin is dehydrated in an attempt to offset the loss of moisture, the sebaceous glands will actively generate oil. Not so surprisingly, acne also stems from an accumulation of oil from dehydrated skin. For healthier skin, hydrating by drinking plenty of water (about 8 cups a day), eating decent healthy fats, and plenty of water-rich fresh fruits and vegetables are all excellent ways to hydrate.


Your gut’s health will affect the health of your skin and its integrity. Acne breakouts and other skin irritations are more likely to occur when foods are not digested properly or gut inflammation is active. Some of the better foods that foster digestive health and digestion for good skin include fermented vegetables such as raw sauerkraut or kimchi, unsweetened coconut yoghurt, bone broth, and kefir-like fermented drinks. Supplementing with probiotics and digestive enzymes can also help foster flawless skin and a healthy stomach. The establishment of healthy blood sugar is a fundamental step in decreasing stress (and stress-induced inflammation) and addressing hormone imbalances. This makes the stabilization of blood sugar a basic step in solving skin problems. To help regulate blood sugar levels, cinnamon is a perfect spice that can be added to your meals. To maintain those glucose levels stable, incorporate cinnamon to your smoothies, bring it in some tea, or sprinkle it on your gluten-free grains. In addition, feeding consistently (about every 2-4 hours) and having long-lasting fuel sources such as protein, good fats, and fibre in meals and snacks can avoid significant blood sugar rises and dips.


Homemade drinks. Quit tea and coffee. Switch to homemade drinks which will improve the overall health of gut and skin. You can make healthy drinks using coriander seeds, ginger, turmeric, pepper, lemongrass in various combinations.